Enabling Sustainable Development

Enabling Sustainable Development


Our MISSIon:


To be a leading provider of clean, affordable and reliable energy to remote and island communities in South East Asia through responsible and sustainable development in collaboration with our partners and empowered local communities.


What we do

We develop sustainable energy projects, demand driven renewable power and desalination projects in South East Asia which help meet and deliver international, national and local economic, social and environmental objectives.


Our Impact

To combat the effects of climate change and to provide remote and island communities in  South East Asia with clean, affordable and reliable power and water.  Through responsible, sustainable development, Oceantera aims to stimulate economic growth, increased energy security, international collaboration, local capacity building and employment opportunities in South East Asia.



Projects in the Pipeline

Oceantera holds a portfolio of projects in the Southeast Asian region which are at various stages of development.



Years Serving communities

We involve the local community at the onset and include them in the project development process.



Partners & stakeholders engaged

We work with our international and regional partners in collaboration with local communities to deliver sustainable energy projects, renewables-based power generation and desalination projects which will offset existing diesel generation systems and provide opportunities for sustainable growth in remote and island communities.


Our Approach

•Collaborate with suppliers, partners, research institutions and other stakeholders to reduce cost and risk

•Technology neutral ‘energy solution’ based approach

•Ensure that data and learning from initial projects informs government policy and the development of future projects

•Work closely with government and agencies to increase support for the sector


Technology and ‘whole system’ pilot projects


Development of commercially viable small and medium scale projects

Demonstration arrays and hybrid projects


Pre-development of large scale grid connected projects


Get Involved

We need all the help we can get. If you are willing to offer your own talents and contribution, be they be in a political, economic, social, technological, environmental, creative, financial, commercial, geographic or any other capacity, there is room for you in building the sustainable future we all long for.